Advanced Macroeconomics, M.Sc. Course, Universität Hamburg

I am teaching the course Advanced Macroeconomics, a core module of the M.Sc. in Economics program at Universität Hamburg. (Winter semester, since 2020)

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Empirical Asset Pricing, Ph.D. Course, Universität Hamburg

In Summer 2021, I offered a Ph.D. course on empirical asset pricing, which was open to Master students as well. (Summer semester 2021)

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Empirical Asset Pricing, Ph.D. Course, Berkeley Haas

In Fall 2018 Martin Lettau and I jointly taught the 2nd year Ph.D. course “Empirical Asset Pricing” at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Martin taught the first half with a focus on the predictability of stock returns and cross-sectional asset pricing. I taught the second half which focused on the term structure of interest rates, and in addition covered the term structure of equity risk premia and currency risk premia.

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